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Who is George T. Bent?

I was always curious about doing something different. And I found, through blogging, I am getting the peace of mind. So, I choose to blog as my career.


In my personal life, I am a husband of a beautiful woman who is a teacher. And I have been gifted by almighty by a baby boy in 2015. He is now 5 years old.


I completed my graduation from an Agricultural background, and I worked in a C.P. Group as an Assistant Department Manager from 2014. In recent times, C.P. Group has earned much popularity in the agriculture and livestock industry. Now, they are one of the best agriculture and livestock organizations in the world.


Daily I visited several breeder farms, collected information from there, and analyzed that information. I conducted a meeting with the management based on the information and offered different insights to farm owners so that they can make a good profit.


However, during my job period, sometimes I was feeling I was born to be free; I do not belong to these desk jobs.


So, I decided to leave the job in 2018.


But it was not all of a sudden I started my career as a blogger. Let me share my earlier story.

In 2011, first, I got introduced to blogging.


Although, the beginning of my blogging career was not a bed of roses. I always love to write on different topics, and I wrote on travel-related blogs at the starting of my career.


Before writing on any topic, it is my habit to experience it practically. When I was traveling, I always visited a place first and noted down important things about it. Then I created the travel blog.


I was doing all these hard work for many hours, many days, and many years. I knew my hard work would be paid off. And after 1 year, I started getting the result of my hard work. Every day several visitors started reading my blogs. They were commenting on appreciating my blogs. And I was writing for them.


And in 2013, when I got my first full-time job in the C.P. Group, I was quite happy, but by this time I had already given my heart to blogging.


So, from 2013 – 2018, I was writing for different topics but not in a notable amount.

Finally, I decided to quit my job in 2018, which I already stated earlier.


Now, I am feeling my life. I am giving much time to my 5-years old son. I am assisting my wife in different tasks. I am spending my time with myself.


I have a DSLR. Sometimes, I take my camera and go out for a short trip to the village side, hilly areas. I love hills and capture images, trying to catch the moments into the frame.

And undoubtedly, before blogging on any topics, I do practically use the item and then give a review.


Currently, I am running 2 blogs on different niches of Amazon Associates. You may think, am I getting sufficient income or not? Yes, the income is enough for my family and me.


I will be genuinely pleased if any of my blogs helps you to do your task efficiently. It is my goal to provide you necessary information regarding any topics. I do much research before writing, as well.


If you find my blogs helpful, feel free to share it with your family and friends.

About this Blog

Every one of us loves to have a nicely looked home. And the first thing to impress a person is the paint of your home.

We all know, the first impression is the best impression.

And we can create the best impression through the painting of our home.

Just ask yourself, if your interior and exterior wall or ceiling or garden fences or even the furniture of your home gives you a dull and poor look, will you love to spend your time at home?

Undoubtedly, your answer will go to “NO.”

And to get a beautiful and fantastic looking surface, you can’t deny the importance of paint sprayers and other necessary items related to painting. Without excellent painting materials, you must not expect a charming looking home where you can have peace of mind.

Most people will accept that a right looking home can change their mood immediately.

For this reason, people search for different types of painting materials to give their home the desired look. Many painting products are available in the market. And these products allow a user to provide his/her house subtle look to a gorgeous look.

People use different types of painting materials, and the manufacturer is also introducing

different and updated materials to their customers. Variety types of painting items are there in the market in various categories.

The painting industry is one of the most significant industries in the world. Many manufacturers are entering this industry now and then. Some are offering quality products at an affordable price; some are introducing a cheap product at a low price.

The fact is, people always look for quality products at an affordable price. So, manufacturers, who are manufacturing cheap quality products, they remain behind in the long run. And quality product manufacturers are earning popularity among customers.


A major focus of this blog is to provide you quality products.

And while selecting the quality product, I do in-depth research and use practically. As I have stated, from the beginning of my blogging career, I wrote research-full blogs on different topics. And it is my responsibility to share the right information and exact features on numerous painting products.

I can assure you that my shared reviews are 100% authentic, and no faux information is included in the blog. Also, I aim to provide a guideline on how to use an electric paint sprayer and pick the best cheap paint sprayer and many more topics. You will find reviews of all brands surfing in the painting industry, no matter whether the brand is small or big.

Many professional painters will find this blog with an in-depth analysis of several paint materials. Also, I will assist them in finding the ideal painting product by sharing reviews to save them valuable time.

Also, DIY lovers or homeowners who are looking to paint items for personal use or any home projects will get tips to accomplish a successful painting project. Whether you are looking for a painted item to use daily or for completing any weekend project, be sure you will get all types of painting items to complete your task efficiently.

You will get guidelines on several topics like many people don’t know how to use a paint sprayer on furniture. A detailed instruction will also be there on this topic.

Moreover, I tried to break down a few myths related to painting through this blog. This blog will assist you in making a distinction between myths and facts.

Other Contents You Will Find in My blog

Except for product review, you will also get other content that might help you in different circumstances. What are those contents? Let me give you an idea.

Shopping Hauls

Don’t miss out on my personal shopping experience in my blog. Whenever I go to any store, I will put my best effort to share my experiences at that store. I will focus on my thoughts regarding product price and branding.

Comparisons of the Product

Did you get stuck picking the best product from 2 similar items? Well, I am here to assist you in this regard.


I will make a comparison of similar products, share researched product descriptions so that you can make a precise decision while picking a product from 2 related items.

Common Paint Problems

Well, painting is not a straightforward task. If I tell you to grab a paint gun and start painting, you will fail for sure in the beginning. You will create different types of incorrect paintings like uneven painting, poor finishing, and many more.


I will look into the problems that you are facing while doing a painting task and give you a solution to the problem.

Paint Materials for Beginner

It is obvious; beginners always look for a reasonably priced product. And while picking a painter, the maximum beginner chooses a cheap product that won’t last long for many days. Finally, they become hopeless and can’t improve in the painting sector.


There are many affordably priced paint materials available in the market. However, it is significantly vital to pick the right product to get an impressive painting output.


Some products are cheap because they are made of cheap materials and deliver poor quality performance. So make sure you are not going to purchase those items.


It is a common myth that renowned manufacturers produce expensive products, and beginners can’t bear the expense of purchasing a brand-able product.


The fact is, manufacturers also produce an affordably priced product. You need to do lots of research for that to get the right information and product.


You must avoid picking a cheaply made painting item because you will suffer in the long run. Maybe you are saving money right now, but in the future, you will have to pay more.


It is remarkably essential to take safety precautions while working in a painting project. Safety equipment such as goggles, face mask, gumboot, respirator masks, and hand gloves are the primary safety items that you need to purchase before starting a painting task.


Overall, there is no doubt; you will get a gorgeous surface if you do your painting task using quality products.


Caring and Maintenance of the Painting Items

Professional painters are always tending to invest a lot of money in their paint items. Painting items come with different features, and each of them is unique from one another.

After purchasing a painting item, caring and maintenance are also necessary. So, it is vital to take proper care of these items. This advice is for those professionals who travel a lot with their painting kits.


A wide range of paint sprayers is there, which comes with all the necessary equipment to do proper maintenance of them.


So, if you are a professional and invest a lot in painting items, your all investment will go in vain if you don’t take proper care and maintenance.

Paint Sprayers

In recent times, paint sprayers have gained popularity because of their flawless and exceptional painting finish. Paint sprayers work efficiently more than traditional rollers and brushes. Different types of paint sprayers are available in the market.


I wrote reviews of different types of paint sprayers in the blog section. Also, you will find buying guides and tops blogs so that you can purchase the right painting equipment.


Below I am sharing the types of paint sprayers, and through the blog section, you will get different topics of these paint sprayer types.

1. Airless Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer is especially for professionals and skilled amateurs. Also, the person needs to spend a handsome budget to purchase an airless paint sprayer.


Airless paint sprayers can handle significant volume work and provide even painting on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. They are so efficient that within a minute they can accomplish painting in a large area. They are expensive and mostly purchased by professionals.


However, airless paint sprayers also have drawbacks. Often you will get overspray using an airless paint sprayer. Also, all airless paint sprayers are not suitable for outdoor and furniture painting. You need to use another type of paint sprayer to paint on these 2 surfaces.


Overall, manufacturers are introducing advanced features in airless paint sprayers so that customers don’t face any overspray and can use them on all types of surfaces.

2. HVLP Paint Sprayer

The full form of HVLP paint sprayer is a High Volume Low Power paint sprayer.


If you are a skilled amateur and professional looking for a budgeted paint sprayer, undoubtedly you can go with HVLP paint sprayers.


HVLP paint sprayers are vice-versa of airless paint sprayers.

This system is not a speedy one and especially suitable for crown molding, spraying paint on cabinets and furniture. HVLP paint sprayers are well-known for their smooth finish.


Frequent clogging is the main problem of the HVLP paint sprayer. Generally, all paint sprayers show clogging problems, but HVLP paint sprayers show more than others.


Hence, many HVLP paint sprayers are out there, which doesn’t show much clogging problems. Manufacturers already introduced a system that removes clogging problems from HVLP sprayers and ensures consistent painting solutions.


Without these issues, you will not find any other prominent problem with the HVLP paint sprayer. If you purchase an HVLP paint sprayer for your painting task, you will never look for any other paint sprayers.

3. LVLP Paint Sprayer

The word LVLP stands for Low Volume Low Pressure.


Most DIY lovers are using this type of paint sprayers because it is affordable in price, easy to use, and no complicated design and maintenance are easy.


Through its name, you will get an understanding of how they work. To do any painting task, they use low pressure.


This type of paint sprayers assists DIY lovers in saving money and storage.


In terms of performance, it is relatively similar to airless paint sprayers.


The concern with LVLP paint sprayer is, they are not compatible to work with several materials. You can’t use thick paint with an LVLP paint sprayer. Even if you want to, you have to unthin the color following the right ratio. As a result, professionals are not much interested in working with LVLP paint sprayer.


But an average person will find this paint sprayer much sufficient to accomplish many painting tasks.

4. Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer

You will wonder to learn; the paint reservoir of this type of paint sprayer is placed at the top of the sprayer. And this is the reason; it has received such a name.


It is another unit that will give you friendly and fantastic paint. Since the paint reservoir is placed at the top of the gun, with less pressure, you will get impressive finishing from this paint sprayer. You will not get any overspray, and after a painting session, the cleanup process will be easy.


It is not suitable for big and heavy-duty projects. You can accomplish painting your car smoothly with the help of this sprayer type.

5. Compressed Air Paint Sprayer

LVLP paint sprayers take the place of Compressed air paint sprayer. This is the reason; you will not find many models of compressed air paint sprayers in the market. But due to its broader category, this paint sprayer type requires a bit of attention.


Because of its easy setup process, it is most popular among amateurs. A spray gun and an air compressor are used in this type of paint sprayer.


You may get clogging and overspray problems based on the type of the sprayer gun and the air compressor power.


You will also find many how-to-type articles to help you get the best benefit from painting tools. My main focus is to help you find the best painting products for your painting task without losing much time searching for the best product.

Why Choose Sprayerpaint?

You will learn different painting techniques and can boost up the confidence to become a pro in the painting industry.

You can enhance your knowledge of different painting tools used for both indoor and outdoor painting tasks.

Handling painting tools and other equipment will be accessible after reading the blogs on different topics.

You will get tips and tricks on different home improvement projects.

Assisting you by sharing in-depth reviews of top-rated painting equipment as well as home improvement products.

As I stated in the beginning


I researched, tested practically, and then wrote blogs. I know how to do in-depth research. I have full confidence in myself about doing the best analysis of each product that I have reviewed in my blog section.


As a full-time blogger, I have ample time to research products and have discussions with professionals from numerous experts. I can assure you, whatever blog I wrote those blogs would be 100% authentic, and no faux information is there.


Being an Amazon associate, I am one of the best persons who will give you great insights into different painting equipment available in the painting industry.


You will find your answer related to painting projects through my blog.


I am always ready to share the answer to your every question. It is my responsibility to share quality products that will meet all your needs.

How to Contact?

I am always free to share my thoughts, answers, and opinions with your question. Feel free to contact me here. 


I will be delighted to assist.


Don’t forget to share any information on my blog with your family and friends that help you find the best painting and home improvement tools.